Baldwin Boxall OmnicarePLUS 16-way Panel with UPS BVOCTSC16

Baldwin Boxall OmniCarePLUS BVOCTSC16 16-way Panel with UPS

Baldwin Boxall OmnicarePLUS 16-way Panel with UPS BVOCTSC16

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Product details



  • OmnicarePLUS 16-way panel
  • Includes local system power battery backup
  • Description

    You can now have as many as 8,064 outstations on a single system!

    Overall system (master) control is carried out by the use of a graphic layout on a touch screen PC. The graphic on the screen is multi-layer – providing the user with an easy-to-use, and instantly recognisable interface for the system. OmnicarePLUS is not limited to a single touch screen control point – additional ones can be added to the system, enabling placement in alternative control or security rooms. These will be slaves/mimic panels – unless full control is transferred to the panel due to compromise of the master control point or if required by the user(s). For ‘local area’ control (i.e. control of the outstations on a single floor/area/building block) specially designed OmniCare panels are employed. Up to 64 outstations can be connected to a local area control panel. Each local area control panel is able to communicate with the outstations connected to that unit. The system is compatible with all of the outstations available in the OmniCare range. These can be connected in any combination to a panel on the system. Outstations include: Disabled refuge – Standard and Advance, Fire telephones, Steward telephones, Combined disabled refuge/fire telephone & Disabled toilet alarms

  • Features
    • It is possible to connect up to 126 OmniCare panels, each with 64 outstations – making it possible to connect up to 8,064 remotes!
    • The master control point can communicate with every single outstation on the system (one at a time, as is the requirement of BS5839-9)
    • Compatible with the entire range of OmniCare outstations
    • Choice of copper and fibre (single or multi-mode) networking
    • Multi-layer graphical touch screen control – see the location of the remote calling
    • Automatic incoming call queuing, with indication of number of waiting calls
    • Multiple touch screen control locations, with optional mimicking of status and faults
    • Incoming call logging and audio recording via touchscreen control locations
    • All site wiring fully monitored for faults
    • Calls can be accepted locally at OmniCare panels
    • Optional access control at touch screen control locations
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