Cambridge Sound Masking Qt Patient Privacy System (Qt-HCE)

Cambridge Sound Masking Qt Patient Privacy System (Qt-HCE)

Product details

The Cambridge Sound Masking Qt Patient Privacy System (Qt-HCE) is a next generation speech privacy solution for healthcare environments - from reception desks and foyers to waiting areas and patient examination rooms. 

Ensuring that confidential medical conversations are not overheard through subtle sound masking technology, the Qt Patient Privacy System offers a hassle-free answer to patient privacy needs.

Quoted cost for supply only, however we can also quote for installations UK-wide. Please contact us or purchase a free site survey to learn more.

  • Description

    The Qt Patient Privacy System consists of a control module, two illuminated privacy signs, and a series of direct-field sound masking emitters. The intuitive control module can be installed in a reception desk, behind a pharmacy counter, or mounted to a wall.

    Once turned on, the emitters installed in the ceiling add a low level of background sound into the space that makes human speech less intelligible. 

    Illuminated privacy signs turn on to indicate the system is running, and let patients know that their conversations are being protected.

  • Features

    Control module and privacy signs provide clear indication that the system is activated and speech privacy is guaranteed / conversations are protected.

    • Premium, minimalist design style seamlessly fits in with modern healthcare design aesthetics.
    • Out-of-the-box support for spaces up to 800 square feet.
    • Adjustable ramp times via Front Panel / Optional switched control.
    • Option to add additional emitters for larger areas.
    • Energy efficient and consumes less than 7 watts of power.
    • Patented direct-field sound masking provides uniform masking coverage.