Baldwin Boxall Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) System 

OmniCare is a well-established system which includes disabled refuge, fire telephones, steward telephones and toilet alarm options. OmniCare is a LOOP wired system (for radial wired option please refer to CARE2)

The OmniCare system was the first of its kind when introduced as a combined EVC system. Since then it has been installed worldwide and has become the system of choice for many. OmniCare includes a three-part toilet alarm kit option which, like all of the remote units, is powered from the line (no local power is required). Do you have a FireCare, AssureCare, CommuniCare or CommuniCare Advance system? If so, you may be interested to know that OmniCare employs the same cabling structure as these earlier systems. If you are considering upgrading or expanding your disabled refuge or fire telephone system, OmniCare would be an ideal option.