OmniCare Steward Telephone Type A Outstations

Baldwin Boxall OmniCare Steward Telephone Type A Outstations

The OmniCare steward telephone is a Type A outstation as defined in BS5839-9. Steward telephones are generally used in sites such as stadia for emergency communication. The OmniCare steward telephone is just one type of outstation available in the range. OmniCare is an addressable emergency voice communication system that allows disabled refuge, fire telephones, steward telephones and disabled toilet alarms to be connected to one master control panel. OmniCare has been designed and built to meet BS9999:2008 and BS5839-9:2011. BS5839-9 recommends that sports stadia/venues install steward telephones at regular intervals around concourses, so no one has to travel more than 30m to reach the nearest outstation.

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